This is my fourth class with Ken as my teacher (I’ve taken Software Engineering, Software Quality, and Computer and Information Security), so I’m kind of used to blogging. I find it an interesting activity and a nice way of tracking my activities. I also use blogging as a way to express my opinions regarding certain topics (mainly class topics). I’m not the kind of guy who posts on social media commonly (in fact, I closed my Facebook account and my tweet history is mainly auomated tweets done whenever I post a new entry here), since I don’t believe social media is the proper channel to have a good discussion.

I have to admit that after blogging for 4 courses, I feel more comfortable typing my opinion on the Internet. Although I don’t consider the internet a safe place, I use my blog in a diary-like way (take for instance my experience with Rappi). Of course, I don’t go full personal here (in my opinion, personal stuff should stay offline), but I feel more expressive than in other channels (such as essays or reports).

On the other hand, I think that writing on a periodic basis is not a great idea, since you force yourself to deliver something once a day/week/month. And if you don’t have anything to deliver, you either don’t deliver (and drop expectations) or you deliver mediocre content (which is sometimes worse than the previous option). Although it also helps one forge character and a sense of responsibility.